Key characteristics of our biofertiliser:

 - Odourless

 - Non-toxic

 - Increases breathability and improves health of soil

 - High in nitrogen (key for leafy plant growth)

 - High in chitin (key for improving plant health)


Chemical fertilisers have been known to increase plant growth rates in the short term, but they also harden the soil and reduce its fertility in the long term. Our organic biofertiliser replenishes the natural bacteria in the soil and promotes long-term soil sustainability.


Our biofertiliser is made from a combination of Black Soldier Fly frass (i.e. poop) and their exoskeletons. This formula is guaranteed to enhance your soil's overall health by improving its breathability, and adding essential nutrients for the healthy development of your plants!


This biofertiliser is recommended for leafy plants and vegetables, but it also supplies key minerals for most flower- and fruit-bearing plants!

Black Soldier Fly Organic Fertiliser

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  • Net weight: 100g

    Recommended for: Leafy, flowery, and/or fruit-bearing plants and vegetables.

    Usage Instructions: Add 2 tablespoons of fertiliser per 5 L of water. Shake or stir well. Only use mixture once a week. Avoid thick layers of accumulated fertiliser.