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[#晨光第一线] 回收废弃物后,提升它们的经济价值,有助降低地球资源耗损。本地两名年轻企业家,就发挥各自专长,赋予豆清水、豆渣和酒糟新使命,不但化腐朽为神奇,也实现循环经济效应。今天的《#心鲜人》带你去见识他们是如何办到的。

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Startup Talk About the HyperSparks Pre-accelerator Programme 

Insect Feed Technologies’ Tan shares, “The dynamics definitely change as you won't be able to engage the audience and see their immediate reactions, but the main points are the same: you still have to have good delivery and the energy must always be there.”



Collaboration with Brawn & Brains Coffee

We believe that even waste should be given a second purpose and we are ecstatic to be part of a collaboration that allows us to do so! Our cafes generate several kilograms of coffee grounds each day and instead of throwing them out, we provide them to Insect Feed Technologies and Cultivate Central.



SMU: Taking Flight with Sean Tan

Many find it hard to believe, but our SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business alumnus, Sean Tan, thinks of himself as a big nerd and history buff. History Channel, National Geographic channel, you name it and he has probably watched it. Full of enthusiasm about entrepreneurship, our emerging agri-food industry and our little red dot, he has since founded Insect Feed Technologies and continues to contribute to a better Singapore for the future generations. Let's find out how his business is taking flight (quite literally) amidst the ongoing pandemic!



Combatting Our Mountain Of Waste: Young Singaporeans Pave The Way |

On The Red Dot 

CNA's weekly programme documents the stories of ordinary Singaporeans and celebrates their resilience, identity and sense of belonging.

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Founder Feature on Startupx

"Despite the challenges of navigating the sunrise industry of animal feed, Insect Feed Technologies aims to build Singapore’s first commercial black soldier flies facility that can process 10-tons of food waste a day in the next 8 months. In the next 5 years however, they have their sights set on regional and global expansion." Sean analyses.


Podcast Interview

Soul of Business: Addressing the problem of food waste by farming black soldier flies

Claressa Monteiro speaks to Sean Tan, Key Founder, Insect Feed Technologies to tell us about farming black soldier flies as sustainable protein, building a zero waste nation and merging sustainability with innovation.

Soul of Business: Addressing the problem of food waste by farming black soldier flies

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Closing The Food Resource Loop And Driving Sustainability At The Inaugural Food Resource Valorisation Awards

Having demonstrated our proprietary processes and breakthrough technologies in the agri-food industry, we are honoured to receive the National Environment Agency (NEA) Food Resource Valorisation Awards.


IFT clinched 2nd place in NTUitive’s ideasinc 2020, a nationwide startup challenge to groom promising ideas into viable businesses

As part of its operations, Insect Feed Technologies (IFT) feeds waste to bugs to create an alternative source of animal feed. But make no mistake – the startup’s focus is not sustainability-focused waste management. As a serious food/agri-tech company, the ambition and innovation of its team ensure that it is poised to make animal nutrition greener, more affordable, and better than it ever was.


SCAPE x Isentia’s Hacking the new normal: Sustainability’ hackathon

The five focus areas were: Food Security, Zero Wastage, CleanTech, Sustainable Urban Planning and Mobility, and Reduced Pressure on Livestock.