Frequently Asked Questions

About Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

What animals can I feed the dried larvae to?

Our dried larvae can be fed to insectivores such as most small mammals (e.g. dogs, cats, rodents), some bird species (e.g. songbirds, chickens), reptiles, and some fish species (e.g. Betta, Koi, Snakehead, Arowana, etc).

How much/often should I feed the dried larvae to my pets?

It is recommended that the dried larvae make up either 10-20% of their daily meals or as a full meal by itself once every 2-4 weeks.

I've tried to feed my pet some dried larvae, but they don't seem to like it. What do I do?

Your little furry/scaly/feathery friend might not be accustomed to the taste of our dried larvae! Just like oysters, coffee, and durian, our dried Black Soldier Flies might be an acquired taste. Try sneaking some larvae into their meals or snacks (e.g. covering some dried larvae with their favourite peanut butter or canned food) and they should get used to the taste soon!

About Black Soldier Fly Larvae Organic Fertiliser

How much fertiliser should I use, and how often should I use it?

Our general recommendation is to sprinkle a thin layer over your soil for large plants once a week. Water as per normal. For small to medium-sized plants, sprinkle 2-4 tablespoons of our organic fertiliser on top of the soil once a week. Water as per normal.

What type of plants benefit from this organic fertiliser?

Generally, our organic fertiliser is useful for all plant types. However, leafy green vegetables and fruit-bearing plants do greatly benefit from its NPK ratio of 3:3:5. The term, "NPK ratio", refers to the ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus to potassium levels in the fertiliser. For optimal plant growth, enthusiasts compare NPK ratios to maximise the specific element (N, P and/or K) for their specific plant species. As for their specific nutritional benefits: Nitrogen - Thicker and wider leaves, stronger stems. Phosphorus - Involved in key plant functions, such as photosynthesis and conversion between sugar and starch. Potassium - Involved in key plant functions, such as protein, starch and energy production within the plant.

About Our Tours

COVID-19 Safe Management Measures (SMMs)

Our insect farm tours are up and running! However, please do note that: 1. Each tour has a maximum limit of 50 pax, and groups within each tour are limited to a maximum of 8 pax*. 2. Temperature-taking, hand sanitising, and check-in using SafeEntry will be conducted before the start of the tour. 3. Masks must be worn at all times, and social distancing will be enforced. No mingling is allowed in between groups. *For private tours of more than 8 pax, please contact us directly at

Transport Queries

To get to our farm and/or office, please refer to Our Location. For big groups, please note that transport will need to be self-arranged. For any concerns, please reach out to our support team.

Safety Measures

To ensure that our guests enjoy a safe experience at the farm site, it has been reorganised to allow for better ventilation and easier safe distancing. Any dangerous articles have been disposed of, and a hand washing station (with soap) is available at the site. Water stations are also provided. Toilet facilities are also available nearby, within Jurong Eco-Park.

For Schools

If you require a Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) or any documents, please contact us directly at Otherwise, please contact us directly for any queries or concerns you may have!

Miscellaneous Questions

General Questions on Black Soldier Flies

What are Black Soldier Flies?

Black Soldier Flies are little creatures that can eat just about anything -- including food waste! They are native to Singapore (meaning that they're not an invasive species), and they are not pests as they are not disease or parasite carriers. They do not bite people as well, due to their underdeveloped mouthparts once they reach adulthood. Black Soldier Flies are safe insects to be around, and they do a lot of good for the environment. Come see for yourself at one of our farm tours!

What makes Black Soldier Flies special?

Their key speciality lies in their efficiency in turning whatever they eat into body mass and nutrients. They simply do it better than many other insects currently being farmed (e.g. crickets, cockroaches, etc). Their inherent talent in this conversion, in addition to our Black Soldier Fly food formulation here at Insect Feed Technologies, allows us to optimise the growth rates of our larvae. This means that they get rid of food waste more efficiently, while also generating more body mass and nutrient content within themselves; It's a win-win!