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Black Soldier Fly

Live Larvae 

High in protein and locally farmed, our grubs are a delectable and sustainable alternative to conventional pet feeds. These little critters are great for naturally insectivores such as dogs, cats, other small mammals, reptiles, and some birds!

High Impact, High Nutrition Feed


High in high quality protein, providing the essential amino acids for the development of your pet. Protein is absolutely essential for greater plummage in ornamental birds and increased growth rate for ornamental fishes.

High in Calcium, an essential component for stronger and healthier bone formation and structure. Calcium is also required for stronger eggshells.

High in Lauric Acid, boosts natural immunity of pets, reducing visits to vets. Lauric Acid is also known to boost brain energy and mental function.



Quality Production Process


Our larvae are fed with pre-consumer food waste (i.e. food waste generated from the manufacturing of a food product). Soybean Curd Residue (SCR), also known as Okara, a by-product of beancurd production that is incredibly protein-rich.

Our Larvae is enhanced further by using a special lactobacillus bacteria strain as they grow, which improves overall gut health for healthy growth. Chock full of probiotics, your pets will also enjoy better digestion when fed with our larvae.


Sustainable Pet Food Alternative


Compared to conventional pet food that use traditional forms of animal protein, our BSFL consume food waste that would otherwise have been thrown away or incinerated. 

Some conventional pet food such as pelletised fish feed contain fishmeal, is directly attributed to the depletion of wild fish population and the damaging of coral reefs through trawling.


By replacing part of your conventional pet food with BSFL, you are directly supporting sustainability efforts by cutting down on waste generated and preserving our natural biodiversity.

Rooster Pet Fed Black Soldier Fly Larvae BSFL

Key Benefits of Live BSFL

- Fed on high protein soybean pulp and probiotics diet
- Produced fresh in Singapore, approved by Singapore Food Agency (SFA)
- High in protein, organic fat, and essential minerals 
- Harvested on a batch by batch basis and delivered fresh to customers (JIT delivery)

-Fed to pets to trigger their natural predation instincts and mimic natural feeding behaviour
- Sustainably farmed in zero-waste process

Recommended for:

- Ornamental Fish (e.g. koi, arowana, goldfish)
- Birds (e.g. chickens, songbirds)
- Reptiles (e.g. turtles, lizards)

- and mammals (e.g. hamsters, chinchillas, dogs and cats)