Black Soldier Fly BSF Organic Frass Fertiliser

Black Soldier Fly

organic fertiliser

Replenish • Re-balance • Nourish

Rich in nitrogen and potassium, our odourless and non-toxic fertiliser

re-balances the nutrient content in your soil. It also provides essential minerals for healthy plant development.

What's Wrong With Chemical Fertilisers?

Chemical fertilisers do help a plant grow fast in the beginning, but they eventually cause your soil to suffer from a condition called soil fatigue. This is when the soil suffers from a lack of vital nutrients for healthy plant growth.


Soil fatigue occurs due to the "intricacies of soil health", where the nutrient content of the soil was not well-balanced and optimised for healthy growth [1]. 

[1] A. Michele, “Soil fatigue? Discover causes and expert’s remedies,”, 2018.


Black Soldier Fly BSF Organic Frass Fertiliser
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Black Solider Fly Organic Fertiliser

(a.k.a. Frass)

Our Black Soldier Fly Organic Fertiliser addresses this nutrient imbalance by replenishing key nutrients for healthy plant growth. Known to gradually release these nutrients, our fertiliser reduces the chances of over-fertilising.

With an NPK ratio of 3:3:5, our fertiliser will help leafy vegetables and fruit-bearing plants to flourish. The additional chitin also helps to improve your plant's immunity to pests and disease!

Our frass fertiliser is also odourless and non-toxic, making it safe to use around children and pets!