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Light • Crispy • Nutritious

High in protein and locally farmed, our grubs are a delectable and sustainable alternative to conventional pet feeds. These little critters are great for insectivores such as dogs, cats, other small mammals, reptiles, and some birds!

A Small Insect With Huge Potential

Animal-derived protein (such as those made out of insects) currently makes up nearly 40% of our total protein consumption, and that figure is expected to increase significantly by the year 2050 [1]. With the high environmental cost of rearing conventional meat sources, insects have become a much more economical and sustainable source of protein.

Among the insects, Black Soldier Flies are strong contenders in terms of meeting our protein demand, but a lot of work still needs to be done to get there. Thus, this is what we over at Insect Feed Technologies aims to do.

[1] M. J. Boland, A. N. Rae, J.M. Vereijken, and W.H. Hendriks, “The future supply of animal-derived protein for human consumption,” ResearchGate, 2012. (accessed Jan. 15, 2021).


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What Makes Our Dried BSFL Special?

Our Black Soldier Fly Larvae aren't just given any available food waste to eat. Instead, they are fed with pre-consumer food waste (i.e. food waste generated from the manufacture of a food product). Namely, we feed our larvae Soybean Curd Residue (SCR), also known as okara, which is the side-product of beancurd production and is incredibly protein-rich.

In addition, our BSFL are enhanced using a special lactobacillus bacteria strain as they grow, which improves overall gut health for healthy growth [2].


It also ensures that our larvae are also full of probiotics for your pet food when they are sent to you, which will aid with digestion!

[2] L. A. David et al., “Diet rapidly and reproducibly alters the human gut microbiome,” Nature, vol. 505, no. 7484, pp. 559–563, Dec. 2013, doi: 10.1038/nature12820.

Lean, Green Alternative

Compared to conventional pet food that uses chicken, pork, or beef in their feed, our BSFL consume food waste that would otherwise have been thrown away or incinerated. Also, all the products produced by our BSFL -- even their excrement -- are useful!


This means that replacing part of conventional pet food with BSFL essentially cuts down on emissions and waste generated!

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Key Benefits of Dried BSFL

- Fed on high protein soybean pulp and probiotics diet
- Produced fresh in Singapore, approved by Singapore Food Agency (SFA)
- High in protein, organic fat, and essential minerals 
- Blanched and flash-dried to preserve nutrition and enhance flavour
- Sustainably farmed in zero-waste process

Recommended for:

- Ornamental Fish (e.g. koi, arowana, goldfish)
- Birds (e.g. chickens, songbirds)
- Reptiles (e.g. turtles, lizards)

- and mammals (e.g. hamsters, chinchillas, dogs and cats)