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Black Soldier Fly Dried Larvae 

Black Soldier Fly Dried Larvae are a delectable and sustainable alternative to conventional pet feeds. High in protein and locally farmed, these little critters are great for naturally insectivores such as dogs, cats, other small mammals, reptiles, and some birds!

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Rich in High-Quality Protein

Rich in Lauric Acid

Rich in Calcium

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Essential for greater plumage in ornamental birds and increased growth rate for ornamental fishes

Boosts the natural immunity of pets resulting in reducing visits to vets

An essential component for stronger and healthier bone formation and structure

High Impact, High Nutrition Feed

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Our larvae are fed with pre-consumer food waste such as food waste generated from the manufacturing of a food product. Soybean Curd Residue (SCR), also known as Okara, a by-product of beancurd production that is incredibly protein-rich.

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Our larvae is enhanced further by using a special lactobacillus bacteria strain as they grow, which improves overall gut health for healthy growth.

Chock full of probiotics, your pets will also enjoy better digestion when fed with our larvae.


Quality Production Process

Key Benefits

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Fed on high protein soybean pulp
and probiotics diet

High in protein, organic fat,
and essential minerals 

Blanched and flash-dried to preserve nutrition and enhance flavour

Sustainably farmed in
zero-waste processes

Target Species

Our Black Soldier Fly Dried Larvae are produced and locally farm which made as a healthy snack for your pets, chicken, reptiles and fishes.

Recommended for 

  • Ornamental Fish such as Koi, Arowana and Goldfish

  • Birds such as Chickens and Songbirds

  • Reptiles such as Turtles and Lizards

  • Mammals such as Hamsters, Chinchillas, Dogs and Cats

It can be used as a key ingredient to your pet food or as a supplement that acts as additional nutrients to your pet food.