Black Soldier Fly Larvae BSFL in Bowls

The next generation of
insect farms for animal feed.

Insect farming is a process where waste is fed directly to insects for their consumption. It is an emerging practice that converts low-value biomass into higher-value insect mass, which is rich in proteins, fats and chitin. Our Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) can then be used as sustainable inputs for a variety of sectors, most notably high quality animal feeds demanded by the aquaculture sector and premium pet food markets.

Over at Insect Feed Technologies, we partner with various food manufacturing companies to upcycle their food waste. If you have a food manufacturing facility or have a constant food waste stream that requires disposal, do reach out to us we'd love to collaborate.

We focus on transforming raw insect biomass into functional feed for aquaculture and pet food industries.

While the insect farming industry is still nascent, there are increasingly many companies working towards scaling their operations and producing many thousands of tonnes of insect protein yearly.

A key challenge lies in the integration of insects into processed animal feed. While it is possible to merely dry insects and mill them into a powder, this misses many potential nutritional, health and well-being benefits brought through a nutrient-rich medium like insects.

We work with our aquaculture partners to develop functional feed for specific species of animals such as pet dogs, pacific white shrimp and salmon.

To mass produce high-quality insect products and pioneer new biotechnologies that would enable a more productive, sustainable, and commercially viable agricultural sector.

Our Mission

To feed the world’s population sustainably through a circular economy.

Our Vision

The goal is to produce a consistently

high-quality product at an affordable price for animal feed producers, contributing to 21st century food security challenges without charging a premium for sustainability.

Our Goal

Our Journey Thus Far

In partnership with the Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) and Audacity (a Mistletoe sister company), Insect Feed Technologies set up its first pilot R&D facility in CleanTech Park back in 2020.

Since then, we have been working closely with our technology partners to push and develop our capabilities in microbiology, entomology, and advanced manufacturing.  

The company is now in the initial stages of its scale-up phase while operating out of its new permanent facility in Tuas, with a capacity to process up to 2 tons of food waste daily. 


Leveraging on the proprietary techniques that we have developed in each phase of the Black Soldier Fly's development, we are building the next generation of commercial insect farms for animal feed, starting with Singapore. 


A big thank you to all our partners who contributed along our journey to help us get here.
We will grow stronger and go further together.  

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